How to Make Boot-cut Jeans Modern

Q- Honest question,  how can I wear boot-cut jeans without looking like a time traveler from 2005?

A- I kid you not, just the other day I was thinking the exact same thing! Someone in my Pilates class had on boot-cut workout pants and I wondered, how did these classics turn into such a potential fashion faux pas? Is there any hope for the boot-cut jean in 2013/2014?

Since I believe if it looks good it transcends time (I mean REALLY looks good). So in a sea of skinny and boyfriend jeans, there is hope for the boot-cut jean.

According to this article on the return on boot-cut jeans, it says they “ … suit all shapes and sizes as it can balance out curvier figures. Over recent years we have seen that skinny jeans have really taken over as a wardrobe staple thanks to their versatility, but boot-cut jeans are making a welcome return to the fashion scene.”


Keep it Modern on Top

As sad as it is, boot-cut jeans are now considered throwbacks. If you aren’t careful you will get that time traveler look you fear. Keep things extremely modern up top. Perhaps a cool leather jacket or some edgy layers. Rachel Zoe, for example, always wears flares or boot-cut – she is clearly inspired by the 70s but always looks modern.claudia_schiffer_boot_cut_beig

Or Work the Classic Angle

Claudia Schiffer rocks a classic trench with her boot-cut jeans and it works – the shoes are still up for debate – but overall the look is fine. You can’t get mad at a classic.

Remember, They Are Universally Flattering

Flattering always looks better than unflattering. So if skinny jeans looks horrible on you, boot-cut will always be the better choice. Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - February 25, 2011

What Would Jessica Alba Do?

Jessica Alba is always rocking a boot-cut or a flare and she always looks good. Do as the Alba would do and pair boot-cut jeans with lots of chic, modern layers. Note that she always keeps the top loose and neutral. Nothing says 2005 like a fitted colorful top.


And Finally, if an Olsen Can Do It …

It’s totally okay.  The Olsen twins are leaders in the fashion industry, they would never steer you wrong. OLSENSANONYMOUSASHLEYOLSEN2005JEANSWALKINGDOG

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  1. All about the length. I love them. I have yet to find a pair in my size that are flattering. Hope some brand decides to fix that. Actually Gap used to make a great pair but I had to drive to Potomac Mills to get them and hope they had my size.

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