Growing Out an Undercut – Oh the Pain!

Rihanna-new-hair-color-rihanna-33385950-1280-960It’s been two months since my last relaxer (possibly more) and I’m at the “what have I done stage” of the process. Going natural is hard enough but if you add growing out an undercut to the scenario then you really start piling on the pain. Let’s just say my hat game is on 24/7 – I bore a beanie during Pilates today.

Rihanna’s hair stylist gives this advice (via Bellasugar)

“For short haircuts, you want to keep tapering the back and sides and let the top grow out over the layers, and then as it grows it will keep going over into a bob,” Stephen explains. “But the number one tip is patience.”rihanna-hairstyles-under-cut“If you shaved both sides off, I think it’s always good to let one side grow back fully. When I did Ri, we shaved both sides. When we decided to let it grow back, we kept cutting one side and let the other wolf out, and then we’ll switch it over. Your other option is to add extensions in.”Rihanna-Hair-Style-Wallpaper-2013I don’t know. I’m not really in the mood for extensions and growing one side out at time without a relaxer sounds pretty tragic looking.

Buzzfeed had some tips for growing out an undercut, none of them useful to me – but entertaining all the same.

Then this girl on YouTube figured out how to rock it but her cut is more on the bottom than the sides.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to grow out an undercut with natural hair PLEASE leave it in the comments. Thanks!

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