How to Become an “It” Girl

The British Fashion Awards 2012 - Drinks ReceptionOh the elusive “it” status. Every girl wants “it” status without knowing was “it” is. When most people think of “It Girls” they think of pretty girls who are famous without lifting a finger. While it may seem that way, these girls are actually hustlers who know how to turn a spark of popularity into a full blown fire.Edie SedgwickLet’s take a look at some of the most famous “It Girls” throughout history. Edie Sedgwick, socialite turned Warhol muse, worked her “it” factor into an acting and modeling career. Alexa Chung, TV host turned fashion icon and now author of the book called “It” (see the bottom of this post for a chance to win the book). Then you have Solange Knowles who got her start as Beyonce’s little sister, now she is full blown style icon, model, and has her own music career going.So how do you get yourself to this elusive status? I’ve got a few ideas that might point you in the right direction … tumblr_lzcptkHqyN1r2p7yko1_1280

Get Noticed.

No need to star in some great film or put out a platinum record, you just need a tiny spark to get you noticed. Famous family member? That works. Hang with the big-wigs in the art community, get yourself on TV (even if it’s on an unpopular show), and get photographed. Get that 15 seconds 0f fame (you don’t even need 15 minutes) and build on it.Chloë+Sevigny+by+Terry+Richardson+(Best+Of+The+Season+-+Purple+Fashion+#14+Winter+2010)+3

Have a Signature Style.

Ever notice how all It Girls have a very distinct sense of style? Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung, and all of the other it girls have a sense of style that everyone wants but only they can have. Find out how to get your own signature style here.Projection spéciale du film "Inglourious Basterds" à New York. CP. Lib.

Have a Business Brain.

Nominal fame and great style aren’t enough take you to the top. There are plenty of half famous- stylish people out there who aren’t sitting front row at fashion shows, raking in on endorsement deals, writing books, starring in movies, and being people’s muse. You’ve gotta have business brains or at least be smart enough to align you with someone who does have that kind of brain.

Turning yourself into a personal brand and a viable business is what turns that spark into a flame. It Girls aren’t stupid, they are actually stylish little geniuses. ChloeSevigny-TerryRichardson4

Read “It”

My advice on the topic is all good and all but really you should probably take cues from the ultimate It Girl, Alexa Chung. Ever wonder how to get that “couldn’t-be-bothered-just got out of bed look?”  Alexa Chung covers how to get that perfectly tosseled look and lots more. After reading this book it is clear why Alexa is more than just another pretty face. She has earned the title of style icon and this book is her manifesto.

To win a free copy of “It” by Alexa Chung follow me on Instagram and ‘Like’ the photo I posted of her book. I will announce the winner next week. Good luck!alexa chung it book copy


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