Style Swap: A Chic New Way to Go Shopping

Fashion-ClosetSo here’s some news. I’m on a shopping diet.

I’ve gotten rid of all of the “junk food” in my closet aka the clothing that I am no longer wear. I am also taking a (small) break from shopping. My goal is to start utilizing the clothing that I already have in my closet before introducing any “new friends” into the mix. If you’ve seen my closet, you know I’ll be just fine with this self-inflicted shopping diet.

The awesome thing about shopping diets/ cleaning out your closet is that there are so many things you can do to make those discarded pieces work for you. I actually sold a lot of my stuff to Crossroads and made $850 (learn how to do it here). Another great option is swap your clothing with a stylish friend.

I actually style swapped with Jenny Wu from Good Bad and Fab while I was in NYC last month. We dug through each other’s old stuff and played dress up. You can check out all the fun in the video below.


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