Style Yourself: Outfits for a High School Reunion

You would think high school reunions would be extinct by now thanks to social networks like Facebook but after all these years they are still going strong. Why? Because there is nothing better than standing in front of the captain of the cheerleading squad looking and doing 10x times better than she is. Yeah call it shallow, but isn’t that really why we are attending these functions? romy_y_michelle_1997_2I remember years ago when the Wonderbra came out. Anyone old enough to remember that? I definitely wasn’t ready for a Wonderbra (I was too young for all that cleavage) but my Mom was. Coincidentally it was time for her High School Reunion. You know push-up bras and seeing old classmates go hand-in-hand. My Dad stood in line with a bunch of cleavage crazed women and got her two of those magical bras.

So what do you wear to a High School Reunion (besides a push-up bra) and what style rules do you follow? Well you’re in luck because I’ve got all the answers. Stick with me kid and you’ll be alright.

Avoid “street corner” chic at all costs.

Of course no one sets out to dress like a lady of the night but when it comes to High School Reunion dressing, sometimes shit just happens. I’m here to tell you to stop it! Stop it right now. I know you want Jimmy from the football team to know you’ve still got it or maybe you want to show everyone that you really did have an abnormally long baby fat stage back then. Whatever the case may be, step away from the Herve Leger bandage dress.high school reunion outfits

Don’t dress like an old maid either.

As stated above, trying too hard to look young and sexy can be really sad and sleazy but you can also swing too far in the other direction if you aren’t careful. Choose something youthful (as opposed to chasing your youth), vibrant (great color, fun pattern), and age appropriate. Instead of some frumpy frock that’s hanging out in the back of your closet. If your kids would be embarrassed to be seen with you, take it off and try again.406998_ou_xlDress, Donna Karan

Be comfortable.

High School Reunions are supposed to be fun. Make sure you can sit, eat, dance, and walk in whatever you choose to wear.379499_fr_xlDress, Victoria Beckham

Pack a bag.

Not an overnight bag – no behind the bleachers funny stuff, please! Make sure your handbag is packed with the “I’m better than you essentials” (joking) … like gum, a mirror, business cards for keeping in touch, lipstick, and Shout wipes for any red wine spills (it’s bound to happen even if you aren’t drinking it).381821_ou_xlBottega Veneta, clutch

If you have any tips or hilarious reunion stories please share them in the comments.

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