Style Yourself: How to Dress for a First Date

Hardest part about a first date? Figuring out to wear, of course!

Sure there is that whole will he or she like me? How much information do I share on the first date? Who is going to pay or are we going Dutch? The list of stress inducing questions goes on and on but I do know one thing … If you look and feel amazing the rest is a cake walk.Sex-and-the-City-Carrie-and-Mr.-Big-600x375So how exactly do you go about pulling together a foolproof first date ensemble? Follow my styling tips and you will be headed to date #2 in no time.

Show off your body without showing off your body.

Remember the “naked dress” on Sex and the City? Or Cher’s Calvin Klein dress on Clueless? Yeah, don’t do that. No need to give anyone the wrong message on the first date. Unless you want to give it all away on the first date – that’s on you … no judgement. Just don’t swing too far in the other direction either with a shapeless frock that doesn’t show off your shape. Go for something covered but night outfits

Be yourself.

A first date is one big first impression and you only get one of those. When choosing your outfit make sure it’s reflecting your personal style and your authentic self. Don’t rock an outfit because you think the other person will like it. What will end up happening is that they will like the fake you and that’s a hard act to keep up if you continue dating this person.402652_ou_xl

Be comfortable.

This doesn’t mean show up in sweatpants but if you are wearing something too tight, too short, or a pair of Spanx that is cutting off your circulation (Spanx brain is no joke) – you aren’t going to be in the present moment with your date.daytime date outfits

Get the details.

Surprises on a first date aren’t cool. Find out where you are going and what you’ll be doing. No one likes the girl who can’t have any fun because she’s in 5 inch heels. Dinner and movie calls for a cute dress and heels. A casual coffee date, it’s all about a great fitting pair of jeans and a cute jacket. Walk on the boardwalk? Ditch heels from some stylish flats or boots. Get it?378941_ou_xlAnd no some do’s and don’ts so it really sinks in …

– DO wear some decent lingerie. I’m not saying you’ll show it on the first date but better safe than sorry.

– DON’T wear too much makeup. This goes back to the old “be yourself”. You don’t have to totally natural but too much is just too much.

– DON’T wear a pair of new shoes without breaking them in. Hobbling around, or even worse, falling down is so not cute. Wear something you can actually walk in.

– DO bring your wallet. I know that last one isn’t really fashion related (unless you have a really fashionable wallet) but seriously ladies, bring some money. Think of it as an added bonus if your date pays but you should at least offer (and have the money if he/ she takes you up on that offer).

So there you go, you’re all ready for your first date. Have fun!

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  1. Great post! I’m an old fogey…married with kids…but most of this advice even rings true for my old fogey date nights with my old fogey husband:)

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