Style 101: Developing Your Signature Style


When a women reaches a certain age she needs to start thinking about her signature style. I had a moment of clarity earlier this week and it went a little something like this …

“Holy crap! I’m almost 33 years old and my style is all over the place!”

I’ve always loved my eclectic sense style – some days I’m rock n roll, some days I’m bohemian, some days I’m street-  but there is something to be said about having a uniform sense of style. I am officially ready to settle down with a signature style to call my own.

Some of you may be asking, how do I develop my own signature style? Well you’re in luck because this is something that I help my clients with every day.

Take a lifestyle evaluation.

Before you land on a certain look, you need to think about your lifestyle and ask yourself a few questions. What do you do for a living? What are your day to day activities like? What are you trying to tell the world? If you work in an bank you may want to skip the Lady Gaga inspired signature style, know what I’m saying?BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-MUSIC-LADY GAGA

Find your style icons.

Whose style do you admire the most. It could be a celebrity or even a stylish non-famous person. Collect images of this person or if the person isn’t famous, interview them about their personal style (where they shop, etc). Once you “get to know” your style icon, ask yourself next time you’re getting dressed “Would my icon wear this?”coitfeld_gl_20nov12_getty_b_592x888

Make a mood board.

I don’t even begin shopping for a client until I’ve made a mood board. A mood board is simply a collage of images that inspires you. Start collecting images from magazines or online that speak to your new sense of style. Make a board and put it up in your closet – this will keep you inspired and will make getting dressed much easier.mood board

Curate your closet.

Before you buy something new, check out what you’ve got. Currently my closet is overflowing with clothing. It’s out of control, really. Go through your closet with a friend or a trained professional and get rid of anything that doesn’t align with you new look.picking-out-clothes1

Other things to consider.

When developing your sense of style don’t lose sight of the following things …

 – Fit comes first! Make sure you are finding pieces that fit properly and work best with your body type.

–  Seek out brands/ labels that work for you. Try things on and find that brands that fit with you new style and that fit your body type. Having go-to brands will make your life much easier.

Building your signature style is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t get frustrated with yourself if you can’t nail your signature style right out the gate. It takes time but it will certainly be worth it in the end.

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