How to Wear White Shirt and Boyfriend Jeans

models-off-duty-street-style-milan-fashion-week-spring-summer-2013-boyfriend-jeans-coat-hatThis question comes from a very awesome person that I’ve never met (in person). Back when I worked at she was one of the super-users that I interacted with on a regular basis. After years of correspondence online we basically know each other like we’ve actually met in person. One day we will actually meet but for now her question …

Q- For all of the styling that you do – for yourself as well as many others – do you ever find yourself of a given day just wanting to hang out something totally simple, like a white oxford shirt and a pair of well-broken-in boyfriend jeans? 

A- Yes! For sure. In fact, now that you bring this up I am wondering why I don’t wear simple outfits like this more often? Such simple combinations are the perfect backdrop for amazing shoes, accessories, jewelry, and handbags.

This question got me thinking about style slumps. You know, when you don’t know what to wear but still want to look fab? Here are some other great go-to combinations to throw on while using zero brain power. Just add accessories and you are good to go.anja_tumblr– White tank, boyfriend jeans, and a black blazer

– Black jeans, gray tank, and a leather motorcycle jacket

– Dark denim, white tee, and a denim jacket

– Little black dress and a white blazer

– Black jeans and a chambray top

emmanuelle-alt-stockholm-streetstyle1Thanks for the question! If you have a fashion question shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to answer it on the blog.

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  1. A white oxford and boyfriend jeans are staples. It can be a great foundation. I am wondering if the reader is concerned about comfort or style? You can do frumpy and still be sexy or even stylish. Accessories Accessories Accessories and final attitude is everything.

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