Deals Around the Web {Week of 10/14}

Chloe KermanWhile you’ve been working, I’ve been trolling the web for the best designer deals of the week. From sexy leopard print dresses to classic black pants – I’ve got ya covered.

Saint Laurent leopard print dress // Was $2095, Now $1490

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, leopard print never goes out of style. So forking over some serious cash for a classic dress really isn’t a bad thing. You’ll wear this dress over and over for years to come. Wear it with a classic black blazer and pumps or with a leather moto and boots. Chic for days.34354655wd_14_fGucci 3/4 – Length Short // Was $925.00, Now $ 375.00

A menswear inspired trouser is always a good idea. Add in the fact that they are 3/4 length (the hottest length on the block right now) makes them worth every penny. I’ll even give you one more bonus … a classic black pant by Gucci will also retain their value so you can resell them later and recoup some of your cash. You’re welcome.36430460ud_14_fAlexander Wang wallet // Was $335.00, Now $ 235.00

Ever since I sprung for a decent wallet, my view on wallets has completely changed. Dramatic statement? Sure but it’s my blog and I can be dramatic if I want to. A nice wallet will last you a lifetime and if you can get one on sale, why wouldn’t you?

Marc Jacobs snakeskin block heel pointed court shoes // Was $591.24, Now $442.74

Talk about the classic black pump getting a major upgrade! You could totally wear these to work and get away with it. Much more fun than a basic pump if you ask me.marc-jacobs-black-snakeskin-block-heel-pointed-court-shoes-product-2-12921257-473281104_large_flex

Stella McCartney beaded wool-blend cardigan // Was $1,695, Now $494.94

I have a Stella McCartney cardigan just like this one and I love it!! I wear it so much. Trust me, this one is worth the money.


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