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el_street_style_de_milan_fashion_week_857765694_1800xQ- I’m going to Italy in April with my daughter and a group of students & teachers. We will be there for a 10 day tour with an itinerary that includes Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa, Capri, & Vatican. I want to look chic, but comfortable for walking miles every day. I’m 4’11”, 115lbs and a (young looking) fifty year old mom. What do you recommend?

A- First off, jealous! And second, take me with you!! Okay, I’m finished. Now onto your wardrobe.Milan_Mens_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_AW12_0319I’m sure you already know this but you picked the best time of year to visit Italy. The weather is going to be perfect – not too hot and not too cold, which makes your wardrobe options pretty versatile.tumblr_mfadg1b80C1qe9qato1_1280It is actually easier than you think to dress comfortably and chic. I have a few tips and tricks for making this happen.AKS4632

Look for comfortable silhouettes and fabrications.

Comfort doesn’t have to mean ugly. For example, a pair of jeans and can become uncomfortable after walking around all day but not if they have loads of stretch! My absolute favorite pair of jeans are the legging jeans by J Brand (they look NOTHING like leggings). Heck, these days designers are even making sweatshirts that look chic, which means anything is possible.dsc_4861

Put a jacket on it.

I am the queen of the jacket. Jackets add a bit of chic to any ensemble. A pair of walking shorts, a tee, and flats will look instantly polished a put together with a lightweight tweed jacket.img_7496

Rock a pair of “special” flats.

Walking around all day demands comfort – I get it. Ditch those ugly walking shoes and swap them out for a chic pair of flats. Lanvin makes the most comfortable ballet flats in the world. If you want to wear a little boot (they can work in April too), Rag & Bone makes booties that are made for walking.giovanna-ii

It’s in the bag.

A stylish bag can really pull together an outfit. Look for quality and versatility – something that holds everything without weighing a ton. A great handbag will last you a lifetime so it’s definitely worth the splurge. I love this one by Chloe and this one by Rochas.

Here are a few essentials I would add to your packing list …milan-street-2-10_115216127114– A pair of jeans with plenty of stretch

– A stylish day dress

– Chic pair of flats

– Lightweight shoulder bag

– A light jacket or blazer

– A cute cardigan

– Not so basic tees

– Great pair of sunglasses

– A few statement pieces of jewelry to dress up your looks

Have a great trip!

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  1. Thank you, Lauren, really appreciate your advice! Now to look for more affordable brands and pieces. LOL!!! Did I forget to mention we are middle class families with modest incomes…??? ;-))

    1. You are so welcome! I work with tons of women who are working with modest incomes. I am the get it for less queen!! I’ll start working on a post just for you and women like you 🙂

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