Can Cargo Pants Work After Age 30?

Today’s ‘Ask a Stylist’ comes from a dude, hooray! This is an old friend of mine who was asking for some friendly fashion advice via text. I thought this question was so valuable, that it had to be answered here as well … tumblr_m74j1cuFXw1qe76uxo1_1280Q- Are cargo pants fashionably acceptable for a 33 year old man?

A- The short answer is “no!” The long answer is “oh hellz no!”

But seriously, no. Cargo pants on a man over 30 is never okay. This look screams frat boy. Other people will think you are chasing your youth and that is never a good look – on a man or on a woman. There are so many other fashionable options out there for you, so there is no need to reach for something as dreadful as a cargo pant.

Here are some age-appropriate options for you to explore …

1.) A wonderful chino! Chinos don’t have to be, so, um … chino like. Chinos are cool especially if you get them at Rag & Bone. Rag & Bone is a 30 something man’s best friend. rag and bone chino2.) A pair of cords! Yay for cords. Corduroy pants have come a long way since the cords you wore as a child. Loving these cords from Paul Smith. I think of them as a grown-up way to be childish.375366_mrp_ou_l

3.) Never underestimate a solid pair of sweats. All sweats aren’t bad. Some are actually pretty chic. A safe bet is Jame Perse, like this awesome pair. However when in doubt, skip the sweats.389038_mrp_ou_l

Remember, just say no to cargo pants after 30!

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