4 Fashion Rules That Are Meant to Be Broken

In life, I kinda like rules (a little structure never hurt anyone) but when it comes to fashion – I’m not a fan! There is an exception to every fashion rule and for every fashion don’t there is someone out there who is doing it anyway and making it look fabulous.

I’ve got four fashion rules that can definitely be broken. But, like any set of rules, you have to break them without “getting caught” because if you break them incorrectly, the fashion police will throw you in the slammer.

1.) Mixing Metals

Mixing gold with silver?! Oh the horror. Actually gold and silver can be great friends as long as it looks deliberate. If you are wearing 99% gold and 1% silver, it looks stupid. If you work in an even mix, totally chic.NYFW-Street-2-2_145939583160

2.) Wearing White After Labor Day

I went on a whole rant about it here but in case you missed it, white after Labor Day can be done as long as you keep fabrication in mind. You can also mix white with a darker color like black for a sophisticated look.NYFW-Street-2-20_145940886389

3.) Combining Black and Navy

Navy and black (and black + brown) always get a lot of crap when they play together. Why? I don’t know, they are quite a chic combination. Of course if you wear a brown belt with black shoes, you may get a face full of side eye but besides that (for the most part) you are in the clear. navy+black6

4.) Denim on Denim

I know what you’re thinking … Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in their denim-on-denim red carpet look. That’s how NOT to do it. These days wearing denim on denim is totally okay if you make a clear distinction between both denims. Meaning, light denim jacket paired with dark denim jeans. Or just let the designer do the mixing for you like this look from 3.1 Phillip Lim. NYFW-Street-1-5_124754630412

What are the fashion rules that you love breaking or does the idea of breaking the rules terrify you?

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