10 Ways to Wear Leopard Print

la-modella-mafia-Model-Street-Style-Fall-2012-2-Caroline-Brasch-Nielsen-2Leopard print, what’s not to love? So many of my clients are terrified of wearing leopard print (or any animal prints). I suppose it’s due to the many misconceptions around the print. Fear of looking like an actual animal, fear of looking tacky, fear of looking like you’re trying too hard, and fear of having nothing to wear with an animal print.

I’m going to smash all of those silly concerns with a sledge hammer and show you 10 inspiring images to get you in the mood for some animal style. Shiona Turini

Leopard Lie #1- You’ll Look Like an Actual Animal

Um, no. That would never happen unless you wore head to toe leopard print WITH some sort of leopard hat or ears to match. Look how chic Miss Thing below looks in her head-to-toe leopard. She doesn’t look like she belongs in a zoo.fall-winter-2012-2013-haute-couture-paris-fashion-week-street-style-leopard-outfit

Leopard Lie #2- You’ll Look Tacky

You have to be tacky to look tacky. You could put Peggy Bundy in head-to-toe Chanel and she would still look like a tacky mess. Leopard print is a classic and a classic is never tacky.PFW-Street-1-20_104954231140

Leopard Lie #3- You’ll Look Like You’re Trying Too Hard

So many of my clients think that people with THINK they think they are all that if they wear leopard print. Does that make any sense? It doesn’t to me either. You are all that and that doesn’t mean you tried extra hard to be that way! Leopard print is a classy little print. And a classy girl would never be classified as someone who is trying too hard, now would they?


Leopard Lie #4- You’ll Have Nothing to Wear with Leopard Print

For some reason the idea of matching your leopard print clothing with other pieces in your closet is a daunting task. Here is a little secret … leopard is a neutral – it goes with everything! You can even mix prints using leopard (leopard + floral and leopard + plaid are both fabulous combinations). When in doubt, any solid color pairs perfectly with leopard print.6a00e54ef964538834013488b563ec970c-800wiDo you have any leopard lies that you need smashed to bits? Leave a comment and I’ll hook you up with some sweet style advice. PFW-Street-6-15_103833983214streetstyle_leopardcoat_paris4_zpsb2260c8adbY12streetstylenyfw

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