White Jeans for Every Body Type

white-jeansToday is “technically” the last day you can wear white jeans. I’ll dispel that style myth later … but for now let’s talking about how to properly wear white jeans for your body type.

So many people (curvy and non-curvy) are terrified of white jeans. The truth is, almost anyone can wear white jeans as long as they are conscious of their body type. As a stylist, I have put many of my size 12 clients in white jeans and the results were spectacular. Follow my guidelines are you too can wear a pair of white jeans with confidence.

Know your body type. Knowing your body type is the first step to finding clothing that will flatter your body. There are 5 different types: bigger on the top, bigger on the bottom, bigger in the middle, proportional (hourglass), and no curves. The key is creating balance; here is a little cheat sheet …

  • Bigger on the Top: Avoid skinny jeans unless you want to look like your ready to topple over at any moment. A straight leg, a boot cut, or even a flare works best.
  • Bigger on the Bottom: Boot cut jeans or trouser jeans will balance your bottom half and create a streamlined silhouette.
  • Bigger in the middle: Look for jeans with a higher-rise to flatten out your tummy.
  • Proportional: Skinny jeans will look great on you but make sure your jeans have plenty of stretch to skim over your body and to eliminate any gapping in the back.
  • No Curves: Skinny jeans are best but boyfriend jeans are a close second as long as you wear something form fitting on the top.

And that’s not all folks! For more tips on how to wear white jeans for you body type clickity-click over here>


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