Style Yourself: How to Dress for a Fall Wedding

So you’re going to a fall wedding, huh?

You’re not the bride and you’re not a bridesmaid (thank goodness – fashionably speaking that is) so why are you so stressed out? Because getting dressed for a wedding, no matter who you are, is stressful.wedding_crashers_18You want to look stylish but you don’t want to upstage the bride. You want to look attractive without drawing too much attention to yourself.

I get it.

Lucky for you I have some pointers for making getting dressed for all of those fall weddings a breeze.

1.) Keep the color palette in mind. Not all wedding invitations come with a color theme (and the one’s that do are pretty suspect) but do think seasonally while getting dressed. Also, a little common sense wouldn’t hurt. What do I mean? Fall weddings call for rust colors, browns, maroons, deep purples, and the likes. What fall weddings don’t call for are neon colors or any other color that will stick out like a sore thumb.fall wedding style

Bottega Veneta // Donna Karan // Lela Rose

2.) Simplicity = stylish.  A wedding isn’t the time to overdo-it with your personal flair. Keep it simple. Stacked rings, layered necklaces, and stacks of bracelets are too much in this particular setting. Opt for a stunning dress and delicate jewelry.

3.) Read the invitation carefully. Most wedding invitations come with a dress code. Follow it. Bride-zy isn’t playing around. If it’s black tie, dress accordingly. Outdoor beach wedding, you can go more casual. Creative interpretation is not welcome at a wedding.382002_ou_pp


4.) Remember whose day it is. Sure, that all eyes will be on the bride. I mean , how can you miss the only girl in the big white dress? So wearing something a little outlandish will probably go unnoticed but lets not risk it. The bride has hundreds of eyes and will be really upset if you upstage her in any way.420098_ou_pp

Alice Temperley

And finally my obligatory list of possibly captain obvious don’ts …

– DON’T wear anything too short or too sexy. The bride won’t be pleased. Plus, you’ll be an easy target for sleezy men looking to pick-up single ladies at the reception.

– DON’T rock a crazy hairstyle, nail trend, or makeup look. Classically beautiful is best.

– DON’T carry a big bag. It will look like you are going to runaway with an extra slice of cake and even worse, some of the gifts. A chic little clutch is your best bet.

There you go! Some fall wedding guest style tips to take you through the fall wedding season.

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