Snag Sarah Jessica Parker’s Style in 4 Easy Steps

o-CARRIE-BRADSHAW-JADORE-DIOR-facebookIf you grew up watching Sex and the City like most people my age then you are probably obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker’s style. The character Carrie Bradshaw really grew on her. Now, even though the show is long over – she keeps the style alive.

The real question is this, how does one get SJP’s style without looking like a total fashion victim? This style may look thrown together but there is a definite art to achieving this unique sense of style. It takes a lot of creativity and a discerning eye to master this eclectic style but the good news is that it can be learned. Keep reading then grab your purse and head to your local vintage boutique because it’s time to get kooky.

  1. Mix and Match. This particular style has tons of space for rule breaking. Mix prints, colors, and textures. Heck, mix whatever you can get your hands on. Animal prints and floral prints are a delicious pairing as are polka dots and plaid. Turn some heads. Get crazy. The wilder the better.Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Sex-and-the-city-Vogue-12jun13-Rex_b
  2. More is more. Love bracelets? Then stack them up to your elbows … on both arms. The old “take one thing off before leaving the house” rule doesn’t apply here. Earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets can all be worn at once. Throw on a hat too if you really want to shake things up.sarah-jessica-parker-768
  3. Layers are welcome. Just as you pile on your accessories, pile on the clothing as well. Layers add dimension and visual interest to an outfit. Treat your body like an art project; change your mood and silhouette by layering up your favorite
  4. Keep a common thread. Going wild is totally encouraged with the eclectic style but in order to keep from looking like a crazy lady you need at least one element to tie everything together. It could be through your color palette (one or two re-appearing colors), a certain print, or fabrication.sarah-jessica-parker-1873753

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