Shopping Guide: Online Luxury Shopping for Less

One of my favorite ways to score a deal is through luxury consignment boutiques. These beautifully curated stores are filled with discarded treasures from the most fashionable closets around. Not all cities have amazing boutiques like Decades and Entre Nous but fear not because there are tons of amazing luxury consignment shops online. Here are a couple of my favorites …Street-style-2013-hermes-giacca.bianca

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Le Jolie: This online boutique has vintage, pre-loved, and new designer products for less. Here’s the kicker, they have zero-interest payment plans called Flex Pay. So you can get top luxury goodies without forking over all of your cash at once. There are no strings attached and you get your product after the first payment. They’ve got Chanel, Hermes, and Missoni – just to name a few. hermes blue belt

Hermes belt $449.99 on OR $224.99 + 4 payments of $56.25

Fashionphile: This is the place to go for pre-owned luxury bags. We are talking Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes … only the big dogs hang out on this site. You can also sell your own bags on this site if you are looking to make some extra tote

Chanel tote on for $1,095

Tradesy: This site is really cool, it’s like a super-chic version of eBay. You list your gently worn designer duds, Tradesy takes 9% and you keep the rest. Tradsey also helps you ship your items with their handy shipping kit – because isn’t shipping the items the most annoying part with eBay? Not only can you sell your items, you can buy other fashionable items

Hermes Kelly black tote bag on $29,035.00 (originally $55,000.00)

Shop-Hers: All luxury, all designer, and all guaranteed authentic and quality. Can’t beat that with a stick. I subscribe to their newsletter and love it (who loves newsletters? Yeah, it’s that good). They have amazing products at amazing prices. You can also find your “style soul mate” on this site. Style Soul Mates are women all over the country that share your style and your size so you can buy from someone you “know”. Pretty cool if you ask me.fa4f0406f66768a29d4783a5e35122f2ec3963d1

Christian Louboutin shoes on for $486

The Real Real: If you don’t know about The Real Real then you really need to jump on it. This pre-loved luxury flash site has all the best stuff. I quickly became addicted to this site. So addicted that I had to take a break from receiving their emails (my wallet was pissed).  The curated sales are super-easy to shop and like I said, they only have the good stuff!

valentino-women-fall-winter-2012-shoeValentino rock stud pumps on The Real for $625

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