Keeping Fit + Fashionable While on the Road

I have been traveling A LOT! Seriously, I am gone more than I am at home. Between clients, styling jobs, teaching School of Style classes, and Fashion Week stuff – I have been living out of a suitcase for months.IMG_6821I honestly don’t mind the travel. I don’t really get jet lag and I bring my dog wherever I go but all of the travel does affect my workout routine. I love working out. It clears my mind keeps my body in check. So when I can make it to my regularly scheduled workout, I walk as much as I can and I do these portable activities. Almost all of these exercises can be modified if you don’t have the equipment handy.

1.)  The Kettlebell Swing . There is something about swinging a steel ball that makes you feel super strong and powerful. I also love how this simple movement provides a total body workout.IMG_6592

2.)  The Pipe Plank Push-Up. I actually love push-ups but they can be tough on my wrists. Using the pipes make it easy on my wrist and makes my arms look nice and toned.IMG_66303.)  The Medicine Ball Twist. Here is a little dose of truth- I can’t stand abdominal exercises but I know they are necessary. Using the medicine ball makes the movement tougher but it also makes it more effective, so I can do less of them!IMG_6651

4.)  Resistance Band Bicep Curl. The great thing about resistance bands is that they go wherever you go. I travel a lot, so throwing these in my suitcase keeps me looking great no matter where I am.IMG_67075.)  Side Plank. Would you be disappointed if I told you I love this move because it makes me look cool? Well I do but also because it makes me feel strong to hold myself up by one arm and it tones my oblique muscles like no other.IMG_6719

I performed all of these exercises in clothing from the Powerluxe collection, which totally adds to the looking good portion of this workout routine.

Top  Powerluxe Hi Mighty Tank // Pants Powerluxe 7/8 tights // Shoes adiPURE

Photos by Chris Beyer

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