Infomercial Hair Care … Does it Work?

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Back in my younger years, when my idea of fun was a little more extreme than takeout and Breaking Bad, I would stay out so late that when I got home all that was on was infomercials. Sounds like a bad deal but I actually enjoyed it. Watching those “awesome” actors struggle with mundane tasks – so good!

Today if an infomercial comes on I’m not so quick to change the channel, I mean it’s like an entertaining trip down memory lane. During one of those trips I stumbled upon an infomercial for Wen Hair Care. And I’ll admit I was intrigued. I ignored the urge to call that number to cash in on the “deal” that expires in 30 minutes. I mean, are those really for real?

Fast forward to literally years later, I see a Wen sample pack on the shelves of Sephora. For $42 how could I lose? I picked up the WEN by Chaz Dean Healthy Hair Kit in the sweet almond mint scent and was excited to try it out. Like anything I try, I rarely follow the instructions. Typical. However one month after the purchase I’ve managed to use the kit properly.Picture-2386-1My verdict? This stuff actually works! I was shocked. I SUCK at doing my own hair, which is why I pay someone to do it for me. When I actually have to tackle my hair on my own, the results are dodgy – hence my constant hat wearing.

The mint in the cleanser felt amazing on my scalp and the deep conditioner really softened my hair. The only negative is that I think it did something funny with my recently colored hair. Nothing that is noticeable to anyone else but I saw a slight difference in color. The positives definitely out weigh the negative, so I’m going to stick it out with this product for a while.

See, infomercials aren’t so bad now are they? Makes me wonder about all those ab belts and what not …

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