Deal of the Day: Rag & Bone Raj Jacket

Rag-Bone-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-Collection-34I have a bad habit that I learned it from my Mother … Sometimes (not all the time) I find a deal so great and so magical BUT I try to be “frugal” and I leave it in the store only to get home and instantly regret.imageWell it happened again with this beautiful Rag & Bone jacket that I saw at TJ Maxx. As soon I complete this post, I am jumping into the car and speeding off to get it. Just saying.image copy

What: Rag & Bone Raj Jacket (fur and tapestry jacket)

Where: TJ Maxx

Retail Price: $1395

My price: $399

The Kicker: I am actually kicking myself for not getting this! It BETTER be in the store when I got back.3984_black_l_z


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