Can Fashion Serve as a Motivational Tool?


Photos by Chris Beyer

This may sound crazy but fashion can be quite the motivational tool. Think about it. If you really want a crazy expensive shoe or handbag, you find a way to get it. That object is so desirable that you have to have it and you will do anything to get it. The landlord can wait an extra day for rent, right?

Yet so many women want that elusive “perfectly” toned body but can’t seem to find the motivation to get it. So the question is this, can you use fashion as motivation to keep you on track?IMG_6495For me the answer is yes because these are making me want to work out. They are so cute and comfortable and I can’t quite picture myself rocking these with a Balenciaga dress. Hence, my motivation to get my booty to Tracy Anderson Method ASAP.IMG_6511With all the travel I’ve been doing, it’s really easy to get into a slump and not workout. Forking over a few bucks for some cute gym gear is a worthwhile investment in my eyes.

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