My Best Deal Ever: The Office Stylist

I love scoring a great luxury deal, my friends. It’s what I do. If you follow me on Instagram you can see in real time the kind of deals that I’m scoring. Hopefully you all are taking my lead and finding some amazing deals on your own. If you’ve found a deal that’s too good to keep to yourself, share it with me and I’ll feature you on my 1Today’s amazing deal comes from my friend and client, Sayeh aka The Office Stylist. If you ever need your office tricked out, this is your girl. Plus her amazing blog has plenty of design inspiration to drool over.

Her deal is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I was actually with her when she found this deal at Last Call. They will forever go down in history as the “unicorn shoes”. Read on to find out what the heck I’m talking about …

Lauren is not a only a friend and my stylist but she is an amazing good luck charm! Every time we’ve gone shopping I’ve scored some kind of designer deal! It was a sunny August afternoon when we decided to meet at the outlets for some birthday shopping (I have to treat myself right?) and we stumbled across what we both call “unicorn shoes”. Its the shoe you NEVER see on sale and when you do, you’re not even sure its real.

These photos don’t even do it justice but these beauties were $2,300 and on sale for $900. Its still a lot to spend on shoes but you just know it will never happen again and they will be in my closet forever. Gorgeous, 5 inch, jewel covered Chanel heels that EVERY woman covets and compliments me when I wear them. Definitely the best deal I’ve scored so far and couldn’t do it without my good luck charm!

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