11 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

3a433d38b7dc071cc4c56a7ad22c2f7eIt happens to the best of us, we go all “hoarder” when it comes to our closets. I clear out other people’s closets for a living and often times I fail to take my own advice.

So do as I say and not as I do and clear out your closet!


Nothing is more freeing than getting rid of your old clothing. My clients have gushed to me over the euphoric feeling they get when I haul all of their old clothing away.  Plus, how can you make room for the new without getting rid of the old?

1.)  Grab a friend. Closet cleaning is a total bust when you do it alone. You end up rationalizing pieces that have no business being in your closet. An honest friend or a professional will help you see the light.

fdb85f9bb3af2697d19ba94dbc532f31-12.)  Have plenty of bags on hand. When I clean out a client’s closet I always bring plenty of collapsible laundry baskets with me. They are built for holding clothes and I can use a different bin for different purposes.

3.)  Get rid of the trash. You’ll be surprised at the amount of “trash” clothing that is in your closet. Start with that stuff because it’s the easiest to get rid of.  Underwear that has seen better days, mismatched socks, clothing with stains that are never coming out … you get the idea. Let it go!167966f7d4cf0ae5d464ef7d80d691b64.)  Make with the mends. Remove all of the items that need minor alterations or full on tailoring. Take these items and put them in the front seat of your car. That way you’ll actually get those alterations done. And please, get down with the dry cleaner. Nothing will ruin clothing faster than dirt and grime. Do the “smell test” if it doesn’t pass – take it to the cleaners!1ef5d2445392f9cf96caa6a9d507a6075.)  Could you be ready to consign? Designer duds are the hardest to get rid of because they hold monetary value. But here’s the good news … they hold monetary value! Consign those items and make some of your money back. You can use that money to buy something you will actually wear.ce019375d47654ca83651f5ab97ebe58

6.)  Decide to Donate. Clothing that is in good shape but won’t turn a profit should be donated. There are so many great places to make donations. I personally love Dress for Success but Goodwill is spectacular as well.IMG_7471-1024x682

7.)  Switch your hangers. If you aren’t using Slimline hangers, you are officially wasting valuable space in your closet. Buy a bunch and switch everything over. Bed Bath and Beyond has them but so does Homegoods (for a lot less).0fb14ebfd619012313a9e774623bf8058.)  Get organized. Merchandise your closet as if it were a store. All of the tops go together, all of the pants, all of the dresses, etc. Then arrange by color – lightest to darkest.9.)  Display your accessories, shoes, and bags. If I can’t see it, I don’t wear it so I display as much as I possibly can. Have fun with jewelry displays, dress forms, jewelry busts, vintage bowls and jars, and interested trays.1950f262c7f9c489c58ba27ceb99a0af10.) Personalize it. Make your closet a place you want to hang out. Make your closet uniquely yours with photos, wallpaper, glamorous lighting, or a cool rug. 116907e5f422a4d7391c858bdc13af2211.)  And if you’re really crazy … catalog everything.  I have a binder with every garment that I own. If I don’t have time to dig through my closet to find an outfit or pack for a trip, I grab my closet catalog. There are also some amazing websites available that serve this purpose as well.ce3b6e9c24344d69acdc8d0197edfbdeCheck out my Pinterest board for more closet inspiration!

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