The Best Romper Ever Made is Vintage Chanel

I don’t know what my deal is when it comes to Chanel but I have serious issues. I’m not talking issues like “Oh I LOVE Chanel so much” issues (who doesn’t have those issues). My issue is that I find Chanel, on sale, and then I leave it at the store like a dumb ass. Do you remember the Chanel jacket that got away?

My latest dummy move is this sick vintage Chanel romper that fits me like a glove. It’s adorable, vintage, and Chanel. It isn’t even that expensive but what do I do? I try to save money. Stupid. Now I am swimming around in a sea of regret trying to re-track down this item so I can buy it. 554044_10151851395586060_422109448_n

What do you think? Am I total fool for leaving this one in the store. I’ll update you all when (not if) it ends up in my closet.


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