Moisture Wars: How to Beat Dry Skin

Dry skin. It’s safe to file that one under “not cute”. Let’s be real here, dry skin is a sure fire way to ruin a perfectly good look. It happens to the best of us but here is the good news, it’s preventable. Lotion would be the simple answer to combat dry skin but if you’ve had some serious dry skin in your life, then you know that’s only the tip of the iceberg.olay

1.) Exfoliate. Exfoliating is rarely on the top of anyone’s to-do list, so its often forgotten. Try to carve out one day a week where you show your dry skin who’s boss. A homemade or store bought sugar scrub is always a nice treat for your dried out skin. Another great option that you can do daily to keep your skin moisturized and glowing is dry brushing. Dry brushing increases skin cell production and increases blood flow and circulation.

2.) Wash up. Not all forms of cleansing are created equal. Soap can be extremely drying as can some body washes (especially those loaded with strong perfumes). Reach for a body wash that actually helps your cause. Olay has a great one called Ultra Moisture Wash, which is like a magical hybrid of a body wash and a lotion. If you forget to put on lotion after you shower, you would actually be okay with this stuff.

3.) Moisturize. I am well into my adult life but it took a long time for me to remember to add lotion to my daily routine. I would only remember after I was out in public, dry legs and all. Today this crucial beauty step is embedded into my brain. Try to pick a lotion that makes you happy too, a nice light scent always does the trick for me.

PS- It’s actually best to apply lotion right after you step out of the shower, your pores will be open and ready to receive.

4.) Be armed and ready. Even after being exfoliated, washed up, and moisturized – stuff happens. So it’s best to have a little back up on you in case of emergency. Keep a bottle of hand lotion in your purse and lotion wipes (I keep mine in the car) if you need to cover more ground.

5.) Be a show off. Whenever my skin is feeling pretty and soft, I definitely feel the need to bust out the skirts and dresses. Summer is coming to a close so now is your chance to be a total show-off.

That is how I beat the moisture war, how do you keep your body free from dry skin?


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