DIY Balenciaga Golden Tube Rings

Balenciaga_SpringSummer_2013_Rings_Accessories_Jewelry1When I really want something I find a way to get it- even if it’s not available. I have been infatuated with this set of Balenciaga rings for a minute now. Unfortunately they are sold out so I can’t have them. And even if they weren’t … they are $765, which is pretty steep for a piece of costume jewelry.

I didn’t exactly set out to “Do It Myself” but today while shopping at the Chelsea Market in NYC I stumbled upon a little jewelry stand that had all the ingredients I needed.

Enter Cynthia Rybakoff who had a table full of great affordable jewelry. I found a bowl of thick gold rings and a bowl of gold swirly rings and knew I had the recipe for success.

For around $250 I was able to crate the Balenciaga look for a whole lot less.


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