My Best Deal Ever: Stylist Katie Watford Scores Armani for Less

You all know I love scoring a great deal! It’s what I do. If you follow me on Instagram you can see in real time the kind of deals that I am finding. But now I am curious about the deals that you all are finding. If you’ve found a deal that too good not to share, share it with me and I’ll feature you on my blog.Alberta Ferretti_AToday fellow Personal Stylist, Katie Watford is sharing not one but two amazing deals that she has scored. They are good ones, check it out!

Also, I did not pay Katie $20 to say those lovely things about me – she is just a really nice girl.

So I was trained by the best in LA, Ms. Lauren Messiah herself! This lady knows how to style, but she really knows how to shop. I scored two insane deals, in the same day, and thought Lauren would be proud!

1st Deal: So I was at Loehmann’s and saw this amazing Giorgio Armani jacket that was originally $2300 on sale for $374.  But Loehamnn’s being a gold mine, they had an additional 50% off this day, so I scored it for $170.Giorgio Armani2nd Deal: I’m totally obsessed with Mira Duma‘s style.  She’s a live doll, and I would be perfectly happy living in her closet for the rest of my life.  As I was on a slight high from scoring my amazing Giorgio Aramni jacket, I came across this dope Alberta Ferretti jacket that totally reminded of an outfit that Mira wore during fashion week. The jacket was originally $1195 and it was marked down to again $374, plus 50%, for another amazing score of $170!   AlbertaIt couldn’t have more of a successful trip  to have walked out with two statement jackets for less than $350, that would have cost me over $3500 for full price.

Lauren Messiah is a master shopper that taught me the ropes!  Thanks LM!!

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