Me + Adidas = It Was Love at Three Stripes

I have been a fan of for a very long time. I grew up in a soccer family, so the brand was always around me. To be clear, technically, I sucked at soccer. How bad did I suck? Real bad. I was the “throw in” girl. For those of you who actually play the sport know that’s not actually a position. My brothers, however, were (and still are) quite awesome at the sport. Just because I didn’t play didn’t mean I couldn’t rock the fashions. Shell toes, Sambas, and Gazelles – were all a part of my wardrobe.


Today, as an adult woman who now has more athletic options in than her youth soccer team, I am still a fan of adidas and wear it daily to look good and feel good. Which is why for the fall/ winter 2013 season! Talk about a pinch myself moment. My relationship with adidas actually started last week in Portland at their HQ. I previewed their upcoming womens’ collections, saw how shoes are made (basically), and even got to work out with a personal trainer at the adidas gym.



Let’s rewind and talk about this workout for a moment. I got my butt kicked! I am in shape, I am, and I couldn’t move for 3 days!! That was one serious workout. I was outfitted to the nines in adidas, which softened the blow. I rocked a pair of cutie-cute shorts, a graphic tee, stylin’ shoes, and probably the most comfortable sports bra on the planet – the Techfit Bra.


For more cute workout gear and for more of, well, me … head on over to

adidas Women designs innovative performance products to help women commit to their best self and conquer their fitness goals. We inspire women to look and feel their best – be pretty, be tough & be confident.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by adidas via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of adidas.

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