How to Wear Animal Print in 2014

Big Cats are making a come back for 2014 Resort — or were they ever out? How to wear them everyday without looking like you have gone wild.


The wonderful thing about animal prints is that they never go out of style. Sure the popularity of the creatures of the jungle ebb and flow but they never dry up. It looks like for 2014 Resort designers caught a bit of the jungle fever as animal print was all over the runways. What if you want to wear the trend but you don’t want to look like a crazy cat lady? I’m going to give you some tips on how to go there without going wild.

First, remember that animal prints are a neutral that add a nice pop to any ensemble. If you want to tread lightly at first, stick with accessories, think shoes or bags. Tired of wearing boring old black on black—introduce a leopard print shoe or bag to spice up your look.

Feeling a bit more bold? Add a pop of the exotic to a printed ensemble to really make a statement.  Case in point Miranda Kerr shows us how it’s done.


Another option is to wear a muted animal print.  Saint Laurent’s resort collection gives us a taste of the animal without making us feel like we’ve been mauled.


But don’t feel like you have to wear a print to be a part of the trend. Big Cat motifs are just as hot.  Balmain’s leopard print tee is a great way to wear the trend without looking like you are part of a safari. Balmain_026_1366.450x675

Ok now that I have shown you how to wear the trend while looking chic- what if you’re ready to go wild with big cats?  Don’t be afraid to go all out! Roberto Cavalli shows you how to take animal prints to the next level.roberto-cavalli-resort-r1

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