Day in the Life of Beauty: Time Saving Beauty Techniques

The older I get the more I appreciate time, because there never seems to be enough of it! Sure the girly part of me wants to take hours to get ready in the morning but the practical entrepreneur in me knows that time is money. With that being said I’ve developed a morning routine that can have me looking pretty and out the door with the quickness. I’m going to take you round the clock with me and my beauty routine. Lets go!

6:30 AM- Wake up, shower, and take the puppy out to pee.

7:00 AM- Anti-aging/ moisturizing. A key step in my routine that is done every morning and every night. First I apply eye-cream and then an anti-aging moisturizer. I do this first because these products take the longest to soak in.spray and  go prep

7:05 AM- I moisturize my body. Truth be told I can’t stand putting on lotion. Mostly because I always remember to do it AFTER I put on my clothes but it can be really greasy and takes forever to dry. However yesterday I tried Vaseline’s new Spray & Go Lotion and it was pretty magical.spray and  go

7:07 AM- Get dressed. I like to pick out my clothes and get dressed before I put on my makeup. This gives my face moisturizer time to soak in and I can coordinate my makeup with my outfit instead of doing it the other way around. I always pick one star piece for my outfit and build around that. I find it makes the getting dresses process go a lot quicker.

7:17AM- Apply sunscreen to my face. This may seem like an “extra step” but unless you want to look “extra old” you’ve gotta do it.

7:19 AM- Foundation/blush time. I have all of my “base-face” products nearby. I also have this routine down to a science so it takes no time all. First I apply concealer, then foundation with a brush, a dusting of powder and finally blush. If I’m really in a hurry I will swap those products out for a BB Cream.spray and  go foundation

7:25 AM- It’s all about the eyes. I have a wonderful kit that has a neutral eyeshadow palette and an eyebrow grooming kit. I fill in my brows, dust on some shadow, line my eyes with liquid liner, and then swipe on some mascara.spray and  go eyes

7:30 AM- Lipstick. I’ve become a bit lipstick obsessed as of late so I do take a little more time on this part of my routine. I find that if I take the time to fill in my lips with lip liner before applying my lipstick it lasts longer. Definitely worth the extra 30 seconds it takes to get that done.spray and  go lips

The newest addition to my routine is obviously the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer because it’s a brand new product. I snagged a bottle at Target for a cool $6. What is awesome about this product is that it’s super-thin. Not at all thick and greasy like most lotions. The smell was great (I got the cocoa radiant scent) and it kept my legs moisturized all day – I usually have to reapply at least once a day if I am showing leg. If you are looking to save time and are a sucker for a cool new product, I recommend you pick this one up. I’d totally buy it again.

There are definitely days when getting ready takes longer. Like the days where my hair needs more than an air dry or a quick drag through with a the brush. But I would say this isn’t too bad for an hour of work.. That’s what my morning routine looks like. Now tell me what does your morning routine look like?

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