At Home Gel Manicures: Do They Work?

Target, gets me every time. I stopped in last week to literally buy toilet paper and walked out with a $65 at-home gel manicure kit from Sally Hansen. Now, Sally is my homegirl (sure we’ve never met) so forking over $65 for her is never an issue. After all she has made doing my nails infinitely easier with her magical products. Love, love, love her Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips and I also love her Complete Salon Manicure polish. But would I love the Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit?


The answer is yes!

I am the WORST when it comes to nails. The second I paint them, they chip. My cuticles are horrendous and I can barely operate a nail file. Going to the salon is my best bet but with my schedule its next to impossible to stay consistent. So I figured, why not try something new.

I am in love with this product because it works great and it dries fast. I feel like it actually dries quicker than a gel mani at the salon. I bought the Wine Not set and also a bottle of the black gel nail color. My only gripe is that the black polish kinda sucks. The color isn’t anywhere to close to black after 2 coats. Even after three it’s looking pretty grey. The Wine Not color, however, is quite wonderful.

If you were on the fence about this one, jump to the side that has your wallet and buy, buy, buy. You won’t be disappointed.

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