The Slashie Award for Stylist/ Dog Enthusiast Goes To …


If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or have ever met me in person you know that I am obsessed with my dog! I have wanted a dog for years and on Christmas Day I received the best gift ever in life, a papillon puppy. His name is Yohji. Ever since that magical day I have gone from a stylist to a stylist/ dog enthusiast (that’s a fancy way of saying dog obsessed).


Perhaps its my suppressed maternal instincts that have clearly been re-directed towards my dog but I can’t get enough dog paraphernalia in my life. I have spent an unnatural amount of money on this adorable puppy. It started innocently enough with a shopping spree at HomeGoods for the basics like a crate, dog bed, toys, cleansing products, poop bags, and stuff like that. Then it escalated to a trip to Barneys where I bought a $2500 carrying bag – I got it on sale but still, it costs more than most of my designer bags.

Now I’m just full on nutty when it comes to Yohji. He has nearly a dozen outfits including a Burberry inspired puffy coat (for NYC), a Burberry inspired bandana, an American Apparel black hoodie, a skull and crossbones sweater, a camo hoodie, a hounds-tooth hoodie and the list goes on.

I’ve accepted my crazy and have decided to embrace it. So for all of your dog lovers out there. Here are my stylish pics for your pup …

doggie style

Barneys dog carrier // Studded dog collar // Puppia harsh hoodie // Octopus toy // Dog bowl // Camel toy

With a face like this how could you not spend all your money on cute dog stuff?


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