Deal of the Day: Alexander McQueen Sheer Floral Blouse


What: Alexander McQueen sheer floral blouse

Where: eBay

Retail Price: $1500.00

My price: $450

Online deal: It comes in black on The Outnet for $505

The Kicker: This may be my best deal yet because of the massive amount of crazy I put out to get this garment. Let me explain …

Before I left Chicago yesterday I stopped into an amazing little store called Luxury Garage Sale (more on that amazing store later). I was on a mission to find cute tops for summer. I tried on a bunch and settled on two- a Peter Som striped metallic top and this beautiful piece of McQueen magic. The problem was that the McQueen was $600. More than I was willing to spend at that moment. After much debate I left the store. I took the salesgirl’s card just in case I changed my mind.

Then I was off to the airport.

At the airport I feverishly searched the internet for a better deal. The best I could come up with was the black version at The Outnet but it wasn’t special enough.

Now I was on the plane. Still couldn’t get the top off my mind. I wasn’t willing to pay $20 to get online for a 4 hour flight but Virgin America did have a promo with eBay going … free eBay shopping from any device during the flight. Bingo. I searched and searched and what did I find? My shirt. Same size, same pattern … same store?! Yes, Luxury Garage Sale has a eBay store. The blouse was Buy it Now for $800 or Best Offer on eBay. Yikes.

I made an offer. $400.

Counter offer. $500.

My counter. $450.

Accepted! An in-flight victory.

My blouse should be here next week and I couldn’t be happier. Sweet, sweet, fashion victory.

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