TJ Maxx Beverly Connection = Next Level

Fact: The Beverly Connection in Los Angeles has always been one of my favorite places to shop. You can catch me there on any given day shopping for myself or for clients. I mean, what’s not to love? They have a Nordstrom Rack and a Marshalls. To sweeten the pot, they’ve also added a TJ Maxx. Cue the TJ Maxx theme song …1The brand new TJ Maxx opened last week and I was there right when the doors opened for the preview.IMG_4126

When I began my initial store stalking (pre-opening) I was under the impression that this new TJ Maxx would not have a Runway department. For those of you who are not TJ Maxx shoppers, the Runway is a magical department in selection stores that has real-deal designer goodies. So you know I was shocked and delighted to find out that the Beverly Connection does indeed have a Runway. In fact, they also have a Runway department for men as well. Score! IMG_4092First thing I was found was this Marc Jacobs (NOT Marc by Marc Jacobs, don’t get it twisted) dress. Shame it was a size 0 or else it would have come home with me. I didn’t let that minor set back get me down because there was a sea of designer bags within arms reach. There were also a bunch of hungry deal hunters there ready to snatch a weave.IMG_4094Givenchy to the left of me, Givenchy to the right of me. Givenchy bags everywhere. I saw the Givenchy Nightingale bag in the large, medium, and small sizes. I also saw a Givenchy Pandora bag in blue. They were all in my cart at one point but I finally settled on the medium sized bag in tan. Isn’t beautiful?IMG_4081You all should have seen the “to buy or not to buy” debate I went through on this bag. In the end I am so glad I came to senses and bought the darn bag. It is beautiful and will remain stylish for years to come.IMG_4093Another beauty, this Celine bag. I can’t even breathe it’s so beautiful. If money grew on trees I would have taken this baby home too.IMG_4120

Bags weren’t the only thing on the menu at the TJ Maxx Beverly Connection, there were plenty of designer clothes too. I found goodies from Balenciaga, Moshchino, Missoni, Valentino, and Rag & Bone. To name a few …

They have also have a very well stocked contemporary department with plenty of Vince, Joie, Theory, Equipment, Hudson, and the likes.

Since the store has opened (this happened last week, remember) I have already been 4 times. I even got a “hey, you’re back” from one of the cashiers. I said, “get used to the face, honey. You’ll be seeing me a lot.”

Definitely check it out if you are in the LA area:

Beverly Connection
8487 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: 323-944-0326

Get driving directions

Sun: 11a – 8p
Mon – Sat: 9:30a – 9:30p

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