Fab Found Video Fun with Marshalls

Ready for some more Marshalls awesomeness? I most certainly am.

Last month I went to NYC to style and star in a video campaign for one of my favorite stores, Marshalls. My task was to pull clothing and create looks for six of the top trends of the season; sorbet colors, ladylike fashions, ladylike accessories, woven tops, color-block dresses, and nudes & neutrals.

I styled five of my Glam fellow bloggers (and myself) in head-to-toe Marshalls. My trend was the woven tops trend (so me). Check out my video below and watch the other videos here.

A closer look at my look …
04Zr81Rk9jK8FpEfMy7d5aNsJyIP8gy_QYR6uk2Sj3Q,EWoHy5Dxxfcx6wbXzmCxKMxovLgh8HEvoKCv_q250NsI kept my woven top casual with a classic denim jacket, printed shorts, and wedges.Acsd9pY5ytc-fDVrzZBPhDiIRdKIASXzd4EH6P-fLmg,l9ocUdozEgpDPnNv0tXVVFv6jOAhxB_adOLctrhj568Yep, pretty much obsessed with look. Top, jacket, shorts, belt, bracelets, bag, and shoes … all from Marshalls!cWvo0U5QfPA5BtrLkacm-9H8clydy8XBSufCRTWYsEcI wish, wish, wish I could spill the beans on the brands I’m wearing because you all would freak out. The shoes I am wearing might be my greatest Marshalls find ever.6uBocyLicIBO3FVGTxfpGJX5BFyeVjQtOpmXuc63Rp4,jseCe5KwpqOU4_sfmO2SQSdUxv1AgxN4Jwbe7K7-BVwAnd finally a look behind the scenes. Working as the talent and as the stylist was not an easy task but I did it and loved it!GUWmyI_7XHsK_xhN09PfnEPabKrOc9rerWiPnEnofic,qhfgImn6B1l8xXlHCSfOg4zKkEkWJ8HZfWXJU8KWUcgLights, camera, action …fmNQ0e826qCY4FXDzZXlr6-IFstf4zP4lQgJlAa4HJA,MsaG0ocuWTu8aijF_uCvZddjY85Wdz-4R650t-OgttkYohji had to get in on the fun too. Isn’t he cute!!if5rHlPZ0nJ3WiOb_9C081wf8tcxOi-R7GxiVp0XdKA,dCZfMUJ2a9lhklPHMVx3BDIBw3CxC8JYV6LvUhtsol0Thinking hard with my styling team and Glam host Bianca.8MkdIrV9eQ0VdtvWpiKbo-RgSz6j-HZHYSUflnPS32A,qpMBYVm1LJfcWap50qAXkERafIdET4o39FQexYS4eTADoing what I do.Peem76iBTgeLNaymOIx48NnwBw5_sQ6U6Re2TVjG9kg,X-eRk7G2Gsjbftm8cUVjzS70zBkQKECLhZMa0c5weLIGlam, bam, thank you man.zfqswHSfWO1XGpV2lieFFCyfEMVSWSzNmREPCI586m4,Ng_AK9RUgVRZOd25fXKQCFu3H5m8AoKWVCm9_QEpdy8It’s the small adjustments that make all the difference.ZKETS8a7b65zUHUykuG16Fi7RvaWJZsS2FAvkuEuJFI,S27Nk79YlOnCD37EODwczMxh-U-on5ZxIyouYGJiw4oAre you finding amazing deals at Marshalls? Share them with the world by using the tag #FabFound on Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram for a chance to win a $50 Marshalls giftcard. If you’ve ever been to Marshalls then you know just how far you can stretch a $50. For more details visit Marshalls Facebook page.


Marshalls has the hottest brand name and designer items that turn every day into an occasion for fabulous. https://www.facebook.com/Marshalls

 Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Marshalls via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Marshall’s.

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