Deal of the Day: IRO Sequin Jacket on Super-Sale


What: IRO Longina Sequin Moto Jacket

Where: Shopbop

Retail Price: $955

My price: $324

Online deal: At Shopbop for $742, which is still an amazing deal (I’ll admit, I had a gift card)

The Kicker: I had been coveting this jacket for over a year! The blue one to be exact. The $955 price tag scared me away but I knew if I patiently stalked it, a good deal would come my way. And come my way it did. I found this jacket in silver (more versatile anyway) for $742. My personal kicker was the Shopbop giftcard that I had burning a hole in my pocket. That magical gift card brought the price down to a more manageable $324. I’d say that kind of deal is the worth the wait.

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