Current Obsession: Paleta Meal Delivery

“I was so busy I forgot to eat!”

A common phrase I’ve heard come out of the mouths of fashion industry women. I’ve always called bullshit until I became one of those women. I became too busy to go grocery shopping (and I love grocery shopping, seriously). If I did manage to find the time I certainly didn’t have time to actually cook the food I purchased, which resulted in not eating all day then gorging on a non-dairy frozen yogurt at night. Not cool.DESIGNER+FAST+FOODI started feeling gross and unhealthy so I started looking for a solution.  After extensive Googling I found Paleta, an organic meal-delivery service in Los Angeles.

Two words: Life changing.

I am on week two of having my organic, gluten-free, vegan meals delivered to my home and I can’t speak highly enough about my experience. In fact, I never write about food on my blog but this is so major that it had to be done.

cleanse_2Why do I love it?

1.) It’s organic and completely customizable. I don’t mess around with non-organic food if I can help it so it was refreshing to find an organic and eco-concious company to feed me. I’m also working with some major food restrictions due to a life changing visit with my nutritionist Dr. Bo. Paleta allows me to take out food that I can’t eat. For me it’s gluten, dairy, tomatoes, mangos, and a host of other things.

2.) It’s convenient. Every morning a cooler filled with my meals for the day is waiting at my door step. The only thing I have to do is heat it up. Amazing.

3.) The food is great. So far I’ve loved pretty much everything that’s come my way from Paleta. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to “boring health food”.  Some of my meat-eating clients use the service and they like the food – not love the food like I do. The variety is nice too, I almost through with week 2 and I haven’t repeated a meal yet.

4.) It’s cost effective. If you look into the service, you will be hit with sticker shock. This service is not cheap. However, once I calculated how much I spent at the grocery store and on eating out – the numbers kind of balanced out. Plus, you can’t put a price on time saved. After all, time is money.

So if you are looking for a chic new way to eat, give Paleta a spin.

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