What I’m Wearing to NYFW: Day 5

Well we made it through the storm but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods wardrobe-wise. I am playing it safe by rocking my new pair of Kate Spade winter boots but this time covering them up with a sequin maxi skirt. And because I feel like a total bad-ass for making through the “blizzard” I am busting out my Rick Ross tee shirt. Yeah, it’s that kind of day.My Rick Ross shirt was a must buy from Opening Ceremony for a cool $65 (worth every penny). The Calvin Klein skirt was a TJ Maxx find. The leopard moto jacket, which I absolutely love and don’t wear nearly as often as I should was on sale at ASOS. The studded turban is from Etsy. And finally, my life-saver Kate Spade boots are from Century 21.

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