NYFW Fall 2013: Q&A with Tadashi Shoji

Another awesome thing that comes along with seeing a fashion show in the American Express Skybox is getting to sit in on an intimate Q&A with the designer right after the show! Which is exactly what I got to do after the Tadashi Shoji show.

Can I start by saying that Tadashi Shoji is adorable! So down to earth and cool. He shared with us his inspiration behind his Fall 2013 collection, how he got his start as a designer, and his philosophy on dressing “real” women.

His Inspiration: Tadashi was inspired by his visit to a Russian museum, which started a fascination with all things Russia – the art, the Roman Empire, and folklore.

How he got his start: Tadashi assisted an artist for 3-4 years before branching off on his own. He came to the US at age 25 as a tourist in Los Angeles. He fell in love with the States and was determined to stick around. He enrolled in a junior college (in order to get a student visa) and studied fashion. He loved draping and the idea of using fashion to make women look beautiful. So basically he became a designer on accident in order to stay in the USA.

Hanging out in the Skybox

His big break: Tadashi expressed his gratitude for Octavia Spencer for wearing his dress at the Oscars – he said that if it weren’t for that who knows what he would be doing today.

On dressing “real” women: He doesn’t believe what women wear should be dictated by what’s in fashion – they should wear the styles that work for them. Preach! Tadashi also believes in comfort!! All of his dresses are comfortable for that very reason. It was his goal to make comfortable evening wear. He actually performs comfort tests his clothing for comfort before they go into production. If they don’t pass they test, they aren’t going into stores. How cool is that?

To see more of Tadashi Shoji‘s fashions, check out his site or try on his clothes at most major department stores.

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