Deal of the Day: Tabitha Simmons Wicked Booties

What:  Tabitha Simmons Wicked Tie-Silk & Leather Booties

Where: Nordstrom Rack

Retail Price: $1495

My price: $159

Online deal: $672 at Neiman Marcus

The Kicker: The last thing I need in my closet is another pair of shoes but I simply can’t resist the siren call of a designer shoe that is on sale. I found these Tabitha Simmons booties at Nordstrom Rack marked down to $299 from $1,495. Still a little pricey for booties that I totally don’t need. Suddenly my super-sale brain switched on and I realized that I had a nice little stash of Nordstrom Notes that were itching to be used. My Nordstrom Notes took $140 off of the price tag. Can’t beat that with a stick.

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