Lauren’s Closet Tour- Part 2

Ready for more of my closet/dressing room action? Step inside my favorite room in the house to see where all of my clothing lives and how I attempt to keep it all organized. If you missed part 1, click here – you don’t want to miss out on any closet-y goodness.

Denim + hanging short sleeve tops

The wall of shoes

Fashion books from my fashion heros

Where my jacket addition lives


Vintage lingerie ad

Some of my favorite bracelets

Fashion coloring book + colored pencils

Alexander McQueen shoes + Chanel #5

Vintage Vogue prints

More shoes

Shoes, clothes, and the magic mirror

The room where my other closets live …

Tigers and YSL

Photos by Luke Storey

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One thought on “Lauren’s Closet Tour- Part 2”

  1. Love it. I have a room I get dressed in as well with an awesome mirror but still looking for a cute rug to tie it together! Wish I had a fraction of your collection! #inspiration

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