Escape My Life Episode 1: Teaching in the Big Apple

Last month I escaped my LA life and headed over to New York City. While I was in New York I got to cruise around in the brand new Ford Escape. Did I mention it was my first time ever driving in New York City?! Yeah, it was. Don’t worry no one got hurt. My voyage was captured on tape as I lived my temporary New York life, which included teaching classes at School of Style, guest speaking at Parsons, and shopping for my clients.

I’m no car expert by any means but I did appreciate the many stylist friendly features the Ford Escape had including; the hands-free trunk entry (just a kick of the heels and you trunk is wide open), the voice command GPS, the awesome computer lady that reads your text messages to you, and the ability to start your car with the push of a button. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the most awesome feature of them all (it has nothing to do with styling but whatever) … the car parks itself!!

Watch my amazement of this magical parking feature and all the other features in the video below …

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