Wardrobe Essential: The Pencil Skirt

You hear the words “pencil skirt”, now what comes to mind? Boring, straight, black, corporate … Sound about right? Wrong! Pencil skirts are far from boring. This classic skirt should be hanging in your closet right now and should also be in heavy rotation.

The pencil skirt is a classic. It’s sexy, it’s sophisticated, it can be dressed up or it can be dressed down. The perfect pencil skirt should hit right above the knee if you are going for a youthful look or right at the knee for a more conservative look. The skirt should be fitted, not sausage casing tight – just tight enough to give you a little wiggle when you walk.

My first pencil skirt was purchased at Nordstrom Rack when I graduated from college. It was a sensible buy, so sensible I am shocked I actually bought it. That skirt still hangs in my closet 9 years later and has been worn a ton. I recently bought a black leather pencil skirt by Burberry (on sale). I got it tailored for the perfect fit and I wear it all the time. Definitely worth the investment.

I will close with a little pencil skirt inspiration for ya …

J Crew

3.1 Philip Lim





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