Cleanse Your Closet: Out with the Old, In with the New

Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable, it’s scary, it’s different, and for the most part no one really enjoys the very thought of it. The one thing I do know about change is that once the change is completed – it’s freaking awesome!!

Over the past few years I’ve changed a lot of things in my life. Like, a lot. Scary? Yes. End result? Awesome. As a personal stylist I work hard to make a change in other people’s lives by getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.

Let me explain …

When I style my client’s the first step in giving them a new look is to get rid of their old look, literally. I did this myself a few years ago by getting rid of my sparkly pink attire and into a more grown-up sophisticated look. It was hard to part with the past but once I did the doors that swung open for me were pretty sweet.

Moral of the story is that cleansing is good. It’s healing and it leaves room for more opportunities in life and for more shoes!

Here are a few tips to getting rid of the old in your closet …

–       Don’t do it alone. It’s hard to toss things out when you are the only decision maker. Bring in a friend or a professional.

–       Think about others. Donate your clothes to charity and think about how much your ignored twinset can help someone else.

–       Re-sell your clothes to make some cash. Take your cast-away goodies to Wasteland, Crossroads Trading Co, or Buffalo exchange to get a little cash to put towards your new wardrobe.

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