Chic for Cheap: Pixie Market

I’d heard of the store Pixie Market before but had never been inside nor had I visited their website. It was like this awesome phantom store that I never bothered to investigate. Silly me because this store rules.

I first made contact with Pixie Market last week while filming a project in New York. I actually shopped at Pixie Market in the video but because I was working I couldn’t really get my shop on. Technically I was shopping for the video but the way I shop could never really be documented.

Turns out the store was within walking distance of my hotel (awesome!) so I got to go back for closer inspection. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Pixie Market …

Top $79

Hat $88

Jeweled top $38

Slipper shoes $125

Studded fanny pack $89

Boots $208



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