Recoup Your Cash! 6 Tips for Re-Selling Your Clothes

I am an advocate for amazing high-quality clothing. It may cost a little more money upfront (unless you score a major deal like I do) but it will fit better, look better, and last a lifetime. One of the other benefits of purchasing designer duds is that when you get sick of it, you can re-sell it. Because let’s face it, when you are over your Forever 21 skirt no one is going to give you a cent for it. However your Marc Jacobs skirt? Yeah, you can make a couple bucks off that one.

I am sure a lot of you are reading this and thinking, I’ve tried to re-sell my clothing and the only thing I leave with is a bruised ego and barely enough money for a sandwich. I get it, I do. I had a huge resentment at Buffalo Exchange for passing on my Marc Jacobs polka dot vest and my Catherine Malandrino pants. I’d get super pissed at the girls at Wasteland who would turn their noses up at me and say “we’re going to pass” on my pile of gently worn clothing. I felt like they were attacking me!

Over the years I’ve thickened my skin and have mastered the art of re-selling garments. It’s something I do for my extra special clients and for myself when I need to thin out the old close. So with that being said, here are a couple of tips for getting the most cash at your local re-sale and consignment shops …

Dress well

The snooty little girls behind the counter (to be fair they aren’t all snooty) will judge what’s in your bag before you even open it. If you look like a bum, they will assume all of your clothing is of bum caliber too. Look stylish to make them want your unwanted clothing all the more.

Bags matter

It’s hard to make lugging the unwanted contents of your closet look chic but try. Instead of a Hefty bag try nicely folding your clothing in nice shopping bags. The better the store the better. I always bring my stuff in Barney’s and Saks bags.

Be nice

The people reviewing your clothes don’t have any easy job. I mean how would you like to pick through people’s discarded clothing all day. Most people aren’t as chic and fabulous as you are. These people probably touch the smelliest, funkiest clothes ever. So cut them some slack and be nice. Chat them up, make small talk because the happier they are the fatter your wallet becomes.

Be honest with yourself

Think when you are packing up that bag of clothes don’t waste your time or the stores time. You know full well that no one wants those mom jeans that found their way into your closet. Take a look at the stores site to see what they are buying – if your stuff doesn’t make the cut don’t bother bringing it.

Shop and around

I’ve visited every single re-sale store in LA county. After some good experiences and some bad ones I know exactly which places to hit. I have a favorite spot where the staff knows me and are always excited to buy what I am bringing in.

Thicken your skin

Try not to get your feelings hurt if your clothes are “passed” on. It’s not a personal attack against you or your taste. You have to remember that these people are running a business and in order to stay in business people need to purchase the crap you are getting rid of. They know what sells – you don’t. Make sense?

OK- those are my tips. So clean out that closet and sell, sell, sell!

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