Deal of the Day: Loeffler Randall Quinn Booties

What: Loeffler Randall ‘Quinn’ Booties

Where: eBay/ Last Call Neiman Marcus

Retail Price: $550

My price: $247

The Kicker: I’ve always wanted a pair of Loeffler Randalls but for some reason never got a pair. This deal of eBay/ Last Call was too good to pass up. Plus, gray shoes … perfect neutral alternative to nude or black.

One thought on “Deal of the Day: Loeffler Randall Quinn Booties”

  1. These Loeffler Randall Quinn Booties are Gorgeous!! I love the color which do go with anything, also the design is just, I can’t say enough about, Love the open toe, love the , just love every detail about them!!!!!!

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