Current Obsession: Fashion Coloring Books

Relaxing, is something that I am terrible at. I seriously don’t know how to do it. I’m always hyped up and ready to go. If I’m not doing something I feel hideously unproductive and bored. Even though I’m not great at relaxing, I do realize it’s importance. Being busy is awesome and all but prematurely aging isn’t. So I’ve found a form of relaxation that works for me. It’s not yoga or anything like that – it’s coloring. Yep, coloring.

I started off with a basic box of crayons and a children’s coloring book but now I’ve graduated to bigger, better things. I’ve managed to find myself a fashion coloring book. It’s the most magnificent thing in the world. The coloring book is so darn nice that crayons simply won’t do. I’m using full on colored pencils and am considering adding some nice markers to the mix.

Get your own on!

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