Chic for Cheap: JCPenney

Before today, the last time I set foot inside a JCPenney was probably about 20 years ago when I was shopping for school clothes with my mom. I never felt “moved” to go inside a JCPenney because, well, I recall all of the clothing to be utterly hideous. Today my whole opinion of JCPenney has changed. My eyes have been opened. How you ask? I will tell you …

Today while working at the style closet for Westfield Mall there were quite a few pieces from JCPenney in the closet. Let’s just say I fell in love. I stopped into JCP during my lunch break and went wild. Here are a few of my favorites …

MNG by Mango burgundy jacket $40// Worthington white jacket $35// Worthington tuxedo pants $25// Worthington polka dot blouse $16// Timex watch $45// I heart Ronson white blouse $20// Bisou Bisou star blouse $20

Overall 100% impressed. To me the clothing was just as cute as the stuff you’d find at H&M and for much less money. Total score!

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