Chatting with the “New” Carrie Bradshaw

Whether you are interested in the show or not, The Carrie Diaries is coming to a TV screen near you. From a fashion point of view I am very interested. I think Eric Daman is a genius and I can’t wait to see what he has in store wardrobe wise.

Today I got a little taste of The Carrie Diaries at Milk Studios for the Glam/ American Express tweet up with the new Carrie Bradshaw and star of The Carrie Diaries, AnnaSophia Robb. AnnaSophia dished about fashion, Sex and the City, and Fendi vs. Manolo.

A few nuggets I took away from the experience …

– Eric Daman is a genius (knew that!)

– AnnaSophia would pick a pair of Manolos over a Fendi baguette (agree)

– A tip from AnnaSophia: to look amazing wear your clothes with confidence and good posture

All in all a spectacular time. Oh and did I mention they had mini cupcakes? They had mini cupcakes.

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